Trail Report 7th July 2013.

The final build day for the Summer, and we were back on Yoghurt Pots(Actually it’s called Parklife by some of us oldies).

The entrance was “re-aligned” and raised slightly. This was in order to lift the trail bed out of the muck. Drainage was also dug and the logs moved slightly to prevent riders from short cutting the entry from the bridleway. This will also help prevent mud from the drainage area being dragged down the trail on the tyres of those short cutting. It remains to be seen how much muck gets dragged in of the bridleway during the Winter months.

The next task was to sort the tight slightly off camber corner before you descend into the “bushy” twisty section. A fairly large berm was built to improve this corner. It’s still a fairly tight approach, so steady on the way in, and then catapult yourselves out.

Hurtwood trails will be back on Yoghurt Pots in September, so in the meantime enjoy the Summer while it lasts.

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