Trail Report 15th September 2013.

We first started on Yoghurt Pots a year ago. While it seems like it’s a long time to spend on a trail which can be ridden in a few minutes, we only do one morning a month, which overall equates to only five days in the year, and we wouldn’t have been able to do this much without the services of our skilled excavator driver…he’s our hero…

This time we were at the far end of the trail with the excavator sorting the drainage. It can look like a large engineering job, but the objective is to set the trail right so it will only require minor maintenance and repair for many years to come.

The trail will remain closed for a few days while the recent rain sets to work on the soil making it stick. When this happens, the trail bed sets almost as hard as concrete. The trail will be open for the next weekend.

P1020925 P1020916 P1020917 P1020921