The Double Header! Trail Report 3rd November 2013.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made it to the repair day on Barry Knows Best.

Location 1: Barry Knows Best

The objective was to clear the drainage for the trail making it ready for the depths of Winter. A fair amount of organic material such as pine needles, other leaves, and soil had gathered at the side of the trail blocking the exits for the water. While the Surrey hills is known for being “ridable” all Winter, what few people do know is the quantity of water the hills get and how quickly it moves off the hills. The drainage on the side of the trail can sometimes look a little extreme, but it’s purpose is to get the water away from the trail bed as quickly as possible.

Even the end section that was built in 2009 is starting to show the abuse that the elements throw at it, and of course the thousands and thousands of tyres that have tracked along it in those four years.

Drainage and repair work of this kind is hard work and unglamorous. Still, worse things happen at sea.

IMG_4483 IMG_4447 IMG_4450 IMG_4457 IMG_4460





Location 2: Yoghurt Pots

While the larger group was on BKB, a small group was working with the excavator towards the end of the trail.

IMG_4504 IMG_4502