New Surrey Hills Mountain Bike Code of Conduct

Mountain Bike Trail Essentials

CTC Senior Off-Road Officer Ian Warby, along with partner organisations, has helped draw up a Mountain Bike Code of Conduct designed to encourage riders to enjoy cycling safely in the Surrey Hills while looking after the environment and showing consideration to other users.

Ride Responsibly
Show respect for others, and take care of the environment
Leave No Trace
Practice low-impact cycling to protect trails and avoid wet and muddy trails
Keep to the line of existing trails and take litter home
Control Your Bike
Stay focussed, check your speed, and think about other people
Always Give Way
Let people know you are there.
Pass wide and slow, particularly horse-riders
Avoid Disturbing Animals
Farm, pet and wild animals are startled by sudden noise

Always Plan Ahead
Know your bike, your equipment, your ability and the area, and wear appropriate safety gear, plus helmet