Trail Maintenance Day 11th December.

Trail Maintenance was carried out on BKB on Holmbury hill. This trail has had very little done to it in the last few years, and has suffered further from the tree thinning work carried out on this part of the hill earlier in the year.


The “dip” on the very first section was rebuilt as it had become a bit of a wheel sucker, and then the first section was repaired. This section is quite flat requiring drainage holes to be dug alongside the trail.

The entrance to BKB (by the road) was then cleaned up, but this will require more work to it as it is quite flat and suffers from standing water. It is currently a bit of a mess again.

Finally, the bottom of the “roll in” on the second section was cleared out. This is essentially a drainage ditch, so a large amount of debris and mud had built up.

The next build day will be in January 2012.

Thanks to all those who have helped so far.

Hurtwood Mtb.