Trailbuilding 29th April 2012…

Hurtwood Trail volunteers carried out a second session on the new trail section on BKB. A large digger was used in the last session to remove the debris left behind from the forestry work of 2010, remove stumps, and to scrape back the top soil and reach the mineral layer. To the untrained eye it would naturally look a bit messy. This time a smaller digger was used to begin sculpting the trail bed itself.

The weather; rain, some more rain, and then some. We could have gone boating in the puddles forming on the old trail bed just below us.

Some people have asked about the rationale of building a new section when the trail its replacing in their view did not look too bad. Our view is building a new sustainable trail section to replace a section which, with the increased biking numbers & recent forestry work, will significantly deteriorate in the near future is the future.

The new section follows the contours, camber  and gradients of the terrain making it more sustainable and resistant to weather and bike erosion/trail creep. The driest trail on the Hurtwood during this rainy period has been BKB. We hope you will enjoy this new section once its completed.

Here is a short video on the new section.

Now if you don’t mind, we are all off to jump into the nearest body of water, such as a river, lake, pond or swimming pool, as we think it might be a bit drier.