Trail Report: 27th May 2012.

One of the dilemmas of being a mountain biker/trail builder is the weather. The mountain biker longs for dry dusty trails under a warm SunĀ  and beautiful blue skies that seem to only happen occasionally in the UK, while at Hurtwood trails towers, home of the official trail builders on the Hurtwood, desires rain in order to sculpt the trails.

Still, work was carried out on the replacement section of trail moving it closer to completion. A lot of the sand(the grey stuff) was shifted to get down to the mineral layer in order to provide a good solid base for a sustainable trail. Once this new section is complete the debris surrounding it left over from the forestry work in 2010 will be spread out in order to make the area a bit more presentable.

The riders were out in force today, particularly the retro bike Surrey Hills ride. There were at least forty of them, and of course the best bikes on show were the retro Klein’s and their paintjobs (a bit of bias as I own a Klein).

Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far.