Trail Report: 25th November 2012.

As you can see from the pictures, the digger has made it’s first appearance on Yoghurt pots. The middle section of Yoghurt pots was the target with the intention to make it a little more swoopy, taking the design cues from the work carried out on Yoghurt Pots four years ago. This was achieved by using the embankments that are on the sides of the original trail, and the original trail line as drainage for the new bits.

To make the mid section work where it currently is would have required a huge effort and a massive amount of drainage. The only place for this drainage to have gone was over the footpath which runs parallel to the trail. It also broke up the flow from the first section of trail and the next section where the “pots” properly started.

Today, the first embankment was reworked, and there will be a few more sessions before the new section in it’s entirety is completed.

We will be holding another build session on Yoghurt Pots on Sunday 9th December.