Trail Report 3rd February 2013.

Thank you to all those who came along.

We had eighteen people come along to the repair day. So it was decided to split the group, with ten heading off to do some repair work on BKB(Barry Knows Best) while the rest followed in the wake of the digger on the new section of Yoghurt pots/Parklife.

Work on Yoghurt Pots. The digger carried on where it left off last month, while the volunteers continued to tweak the trail behind it. A few people have questioned the climb from the first berm, but we at Hurtwood trails towers take the view that it can’t all be swoopy downhill fun, you have to make a little effort for some reward, and having to think what speed or what gear you are in to make the climb without stalling.

Work on BKB. This was a general De-berming session to make sure water continues to flow across the trail and not get stuck on the trail bed where with the help of hundreds of tyres, cause wear. Further up the trail, armouring was used to further prevent erosion on a step down after a root.

Lastly, another annoyance appeared in the form of trail side litter. Empty gel packets and inner tubes etc, left behind. We know the majority of you good folk take your litter home, but please remind others to do so.

IMG_0829 IMG_0832 IMG_3729 IMG_3733