Trail Report 2nd June 2013.

This session we re-worked a piece of trail on Yoghurt Pots that had been built in 2007/2008. It was built with a downhill curve which at the end of it, deposited you into the pots proper.

The top part of the trail had become off-camber, and due to wear, stones started showing through the surface. These stones combined with the camber and the curve has a tendency to push a riders front wheel off-line, which resulted in the trail widening. By the time you got to the main part of the curve at the bottom, it had pushed the rider a few feet out from the original line and took them below the tree instead of above it where the original line was.

So as a remedy, the first part of the curve was straightened and the trail surface re-worked. At the bottom on the main part of the curve, a berm was built to guide riders around the corner and onto the original line above the tree.

Our next trail build day will be on the 7th July.

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