New Surrey Hills Mountain Bike Code of Conduct

Mountain Bike Trail Essentials http://www.surreyhills.org/getdoc/db6f9c4a-1caf-4e65-9a61-965efae58f3b/Surrey-Hills-AONBTrail-Essentials-2.aspx CTC Senior Off-Road Officer Ian Warby, along with partner organisations, has helped draw up a Mountain Bike Code of Conduct designed to encourage riders to enjoy cycling safely in the Surrey Hills while looking after the environment ...

A quick update

We are currently awaiting advance notice of the planned logging work on Holmbury Hill on the BKB slope . We have agreed that we will mark out the trail so that sub-contractors will not harvest any trees that make up ...

Bkb maintenance

Thanks to all the volunteers who turned up last weekend to help us do the first bit of deberming on the new section of bkb. I rode it today and it all looked top dollar.