Hurtwood Trails is the blog for the activities of the MTB trails volunteers on the Hurtwood Estate in the Surrey Hills (UK) .

The site holds useful information for those people looking to volunteer and to those who wish to know more and understand the approach taken The Friends of the Hurtwood in managing mountain biking on the estate.

The Hurtwood was one of the first privately owned areas of the country to create a “right to roam” – in 1926, more than 70 years before the rest of England.

The public have been given the right to walk – and the right to ride, on horseback or mountain bike – over most of it’s 3000 acres (1200 hectares) in the heart of the Surrey Hills. Motorised vehicles/cycles and caravans are not permitted, nor is overnight camping, lighting of fires or barbeques or shooting.

Friends of the Hurtwood – a registered charity – has the right, and public responsibility, to protect and enhance the entire area including 60 miles (100 kilometres) of access tracks, and conserve the beauty and variety of the surrounding landscape. To keep the Hurtwood in good and safe condition, it employs a full time Ranger, helped by a team of contractors paid for by a large extent by The Friends of the Hurtwood.

The Hurtwood Trails volunteers work with the Friends of Hurtwood and are either members (Friends) or Trustees, and represent MTBers interests.

Surrey Hills AONB

With an already close working relationship between Surrey Hills and Friends of the Hurtwood, the funds to create the superb new ending to BKB were provided by Surrey Hills’ ‘Sustainable Development’ grant. Surrey Hills can see the benefits of MTBing in the Surrey Hills and have plans to both manage and develop it.